NEWBORN CARE NOW offers variety of services for new and expecting parents. We train and work with the best Newborn Specialists, Nannies and "Baby Nurses" in LA, OC and SD counties. Contact us directly to learn more about all the great services.
"...we needed a Night Nurse for our Newborn Twins right away. Newborn Care Now scheduled 3 interviews for the same day we made the call ! Within 24h we had a wonderful and professional women taking care of our newborn babies ! Very affordable and prompt service!.."
"...Newborn Care Now sends you great candidates without any fees so there is no risk ! You pay only if you hire their candidate. They are all well trained, CPR certified, vaccinated and drug tested. We interviewed 4 candidates and had a very hard time choosing just one as they all seemed great."
"...we were expecting our first child and we had lots of fears in hiring the nanny after hearing all the scary stories...Newborn Care Now provides all the security we needed. We felt very comfortable knowing that all the candidates have gone through a detailed criminal background check, drug testing, reference check and Newborn Care Now trains all of the candidates in Newborn Care and Safety!"
No fees are required to start interviewing with the candidates !

It’s quite a ride! Being a parent is not something you can really prepare for. While you are pregnant and even after your baby is born, you will get advice from a variety of sources. Some of the advice will make you laugh, other advice will make you think and other advice will make you discouraged that   it didn’t work. The most important thing to remember as a new parent is that every baby is different and you have to find what works for you and your baby.
Have a question about baby sleep habits, schedules and routines, newborn care and feeding, health, development and safety? We can help your family with many of these issues. In addition, we can also help with items such as car seat safety, breastfeeding, sleep training,  starting solid foods, explaining crying, assist with progression of development, identify signs of illnesses, developing and maintaining charting,child proof your home, teach you how to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and much more. 
Ula Payne
Advanced Newborn Care Specialist & Sleep Trainer
Tel :  1(310) 429-8639
Fax:  1(310) 684-2030

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